These scissors have a brushed metal handle which means they look great in your home or office and are perfect for a ribbon cutting ceremony. If you’re unsatisfied with them for any reason, we have a 30-day money back guarantee,free replacement. Contact us if you need any help.We will reply at the first time..


fabric scissors sewing shears sharp cutting tailoring
Nice and sturdy, cuts fabric easily
What can I say these really are the best damn scissors I’ve ever owned that include’s titanium and other “ heavy duty” scissors! You can cut thee entire length of the blade, unlike many of the for mentioned above. Don’t hem & haw over it buy the dam things, you wont be disappointed, i know of only one maker of fine scissors that out shine this pair and they are hand made in Britain I believe, and cost several hundred dollars!
Lima White
Wednesday, Jan 26, 2019
Best arts and crafts scissors!
This scissors is amazing ! Precision manufacturing has it cutting tricky fabrics and making the tiniest adjustments to a piece, cutting cleanly and smoothly all the way to the end of the blade. I’m a senior and I’ve never had one I liked as much for my projects!
John Hz
Wednesday, Jan 26, 2021
sharp sewing scissors professional tailor fabric
As an amateur in clothing tailoring, these scissors are incredible. They are heavy, steel, sharp and cut very well. Very tight tolerance between the blades. Clean off the factory grease before using and be careful not to slice your finger while wiping them down! Very good value.
T. Fannie
Wednesday, Jan 26, 2019