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General FAQ

After many production processes like Forging, sanding, polishing, there are may be very small differences from the stated dimensions. Our focus is on flawless performance and finishing rather than on the exact dimensions.

Manufacturing scissors can include up to 36 processes that take up to 8 weeks, due to this, sometimes you will see some items out of stock. Items that are ‘returning soon’ can be available to purchase on back order. If you see this, you’ll be one of the first to receive the item when it comes back into stock so we strongly recommend doing so if the item is popular. If an item is on back order, we will advise in the product description an approximate date for despatch but this could sometimes change due to factors out of our control.

If you have seen an item which is currently out of stock but not available on back order, please email and we will email letting you know when the item becomes available for purchase again.

We would advise checking your spam box for any missed order confirmation emails. If you’re still unsure whether your order has gone through, you can email with the name the order would have been made under and we can quickly confirm whether we have received your order.
If the items haven’t been shipped out, yes you can cancel your order. We often ship out the items within 24 business hours after order received.

Once you have received your order, please email quoting your order number and we will be able to email a VAT receipt to you.

If you live overseas, customs duties will vary between countries with some countries applying no duty at all. We would advise to follow advice given by your national postal service for further information about customs duties relevant to your country.

Yes! We offer full worldwide tracked and signed shipping and the cost of this will be calculated at checkout depending on package weight, size and your address.


Aside from keeping them clean, dry and regular sharpening to keep them crisp, you should also oil the hinge of your scissors two or three times per year to ensure smooth movement and reduced friction. A few drops of a multi purpose machine oil applied to the joint and wiped clean before use is all that is required. Your scissors may come pre-oiled, so do check if they need to be wiped before use.

If you have to work to make them cut, it’s time for a sharpen. Depending on your usage, this could be every six to 24 months. The harder and better quality the steel, the longer the blades will keep their edge. All Proshear scissors are made of the high quality forged steel; with proper care and usage they will stay sharp for long time use.

As we do not outsource any resharpening, we are unable to personally recommend any scissor and shear resharpening companies. Our best advice would be to ensure anybody you do approach has experience in resharpening tailoring and dressmaking shears as some scissor resharpening companies may only have experience resharpening hairdressing scissors which need to be treated differently.

Fabric scissors (or tailor’s shears) are more costly because they are extremely sharp and designed for cutting textiles; the chemicals and fibre in paper may blunt their edges more quickly. If you would like to use some of our gorgeous fabric shears for more everyday household use, you may absolutely do so: simply make sure to wipe the blades down with a dry cloth after use. You may also need to sharpen a little more often, but the scissors themselves will not be harmed.

You can try, but they are unlikely to cut cleanly; you may end up tearing your textiles. Better to invest in a quality pair of purpose-designed Proshear fabric shears.

This is particularly relevant for hard-working scissors like those for kitchen or fabric. Scissors are cast in two pieces that are "married": when they are finished, they are tapped and fastened together with (usually) a nut and bolt. With normal use, the nut and bolt should stay securely fastened.

However, especially with detachable-blade kitchen scissors, the bolt may become loose. The fix is simple: use a pair of pliers or a wrench to hold the bolt securely and tighten until it cannot be tightened further. The reality is that when pieces of metal are not welded together (ie: a nut and bolt) they can become loose over time, especially with demanding use. This basic maintenance will keep your scissors in good working order for many years to come.

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